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    Female full round plastic mannequin leg.

    Magnetic bottom for display on a metal plate or a metal platform.



    Height: 22.5"

    Foot: 8.5"

    Color: Fleshtone.

    PS: there is no metal base included.

    Shipping Info:

    1 unit

    Box: 21" x 11" x 10" Wt: 2 lbs.

    5 unit

    Box: 26" x 14" x 9" Wt: 6 lbs.

    10 unit

    Box: 23" x 17" x 10" Wt: 10 lbs.

    PS. We'll at least charge a minimum shipping fee for this item, the minimum shipping fee is $12.50 USD within the US. continent. Other states or countries will cost more.

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    1 for $18.95
    5 for $89
    10 for $175



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